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Our Vision

*Angel's Kitchen*

Our Vision is to help  feed 

those in need through Donations, outreach programs, prisons, V.A. Hospitals and streets were shelter and food clothing are needed!


 *Adam and Eve Gospel Hour Show*

Going in to all the world to share the love of God and his blessings, through our  

social media broadcast and our outreach programs!

Our Vision

*Eve's House of Hope*

We final have the Land! 

We're looking for help to build our facilities! Eve's House of Hope!

 Transitioning men and women 

 for a 2nd chance to have Hope & a new life!


Welcome to our Vision "The Ark"

 *Our Mission*

With your support we can provide housing for the Homeless, Transitional housing for  the prison facilities, Veterans, clothing, food,  Education and general life living skills !

 Adam and Eve Ministries !

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