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The Out Reach Movement For Jesus Christ

!Our Mission is Salvation and sharing the good news!

 The central concern is Helping people to claim "Jesus Christ is Lord" in their lives, weather they become members of a specific denominational entry or not. 

To preach, teach and counsel the word of God to all ethnic groups, taking the Gospel  culturally, in the Name of Jesus Christ.


 We need your Help! 

To improve the lives of American's youth or future!

"Buy a Brick Campaign" were in the process of building on the land for the mission out post!

"The Ark" mission out post

Reaching out!

*Group counseling* Veterans*youth * *homelessness* *Correctional needs* Out reach programs* and  in Facilities* In house programs and special needs*

Let's become the Solution-makers in our community!

Fund Raising!

Car Donations-Building Material-Concreate-cumputers-large Vans-or Trucks-Campers-Storage containers!

Hassle  free pick up & towing!

Tax Certificate!

We have to improve economically & socially deprived communities!

Our Beliefs

The time has come to Build: Enlarge the place of our tent and let them stretch out the curtains of our dwellings:  to space the territory, lengthen our "Cords, and Strengthen our Stakes" (Isaiah 54:2)

Adam and Eve Ministries has been commissioned by God to build a place of Worship and Teaching," A.& E. Foundation" will soon grow to be a major part of the International Evangelism movement throughout the entire UNITED STATES! 

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